Dominate the Battlefield: Supreme Warzone Loadouts for Season 4 Mastery

Julian Blackwood


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As the virtual battlegrounds of Call of Duty: Warzone continue to evolve with each season, the arsenal at a player's disposal grows and adapts. Season 4 has brought with it a fresh wave of strategic possibilities, introducing powerful new weapons and revitalizing classic favorites. To stay ahead of the competition, players must fine-tune their loadouts for the ultimate combat experience. In this guide, we'll break down the must-have weapon configurations that will secure your supremacy in Warzone's Season 4.

The DG-58 LSW: A Long-Range Behemoth

The DG-58 LSW: A Long-Range Behemoth

Despite recent adjustments, the DG-58 LSW light machine gun remains a force to be reckoned with, dominating long-range engagements with ease. This powerhouse excels in delivering a relentless barrage of firepower, making it a staple for players who prefer to take down their adversaries from a distance. The key to unleashing the full potential of the DG-58 LSW lies in its attachment setup, which is designed to tame its vigorous recoil pattern and enhance its performance across expansive terrains.

By equipping the Casus Brake and the Wudi Long Barrel, players can significantly improve bullet velocity and range, ensuring each shot lands with devastating precision. The Corio Eagleseye 2.5X optic offers a clear field of view for pinpoint targeting, while the Recoil Reduction Buttplate and Bruen Heavy Support Grip work in tandem to stabilize the weapon's kickback, allowing for sustained, accurate fire. This lethal combination of attachments transforms the DG-58 LSW into an unrivaled tool for long-range domination.

The MTZ-556: Precision and Power Combined

The MTZ-556: Precision and Power Combined

The assault rifle category sees the MTZ-556 rise to the top as the go-to choice for long-range combat in Season 4. This weapon's versatility is unmatched, providing a balanced mix of damage output and precision. To maximize its capabilities, the right set of attachments is crucial. The VT-7 Spiritfire Suppressor and MTZ Drifter Heavy Long Barrel extend the rifle's effective range and improve bullet velocity, making each shot count even at extreme distances.

Optics are a matter of preference, with the JAK Glassless Optic and Corio Eagleseye 2.5X both offering excellent sightlines for engaging targets at range. The MTZ Marauder Stock enhances stability, reducing sway and making it easier to keep your aim steady. A 50 Round Drum ensures you have ample ammunition to handle multiple threats without needing to reload frequently. With these attachments, the MTZ-556 becomes an indispensable ally for those who demand precision and power in their long-range encounters.

The MCW: Versatility for Every Encounter

The MCW: Versatility for Every Encounter

While not traditionally favored for long-distance skirmishes, the MCW assault rifle shines as a versatile sniper support weapon. Its conversion to the JAK Raven Kit morphs this rifle into a formidable SMG, ideal for close to mid-range battles. The selected attachments focus on recoil management and mobility, allowing for swift movements and stable firing sequences.

The ZEHMN35 Compensated Flash Hider mitigates muzzle flash and recoil, while the Second Line Mammoth Heavy Barrel provides a boost to damage range. The 40 Round Mag ensures you can sustain fire in heated engagements, and the DR-6 Handstop further aids in controlling the weapon's movement for a smoother shooting experience. When configured correctly, the MCW becomes a reliable companion for players who need to adapt quickly to ever-changing combat scenarios.

The Superi 46: Close-Quarters Dominance

Arriving in Season 4, the Superi 46 submachine gun has quickly established itself as the premier choice for close-quarters combat. Its base attributes of high mobility and a rapid time-to-eliminate make it a fearsome weapon in the hands of an agile player. Enhancing these traits with the right attachments can turn the Superi 46 into an unstoppable force at close range.

The ZEHMN35 Compensated Flash Hider and ZULU OP3 Light Barrel work together to provide recoil control without sacrificing the weapon's inherent agility. The Rescue-9 Stock and XRK Edge BW-4 Handstop further improve handling, allowing for quick directional changes and steady aim during intense firefights. A 40 Round Mag gives you the ammunition capacity needed to take on multiple opponents without pausing to reload. This high-octane loadout ensures that you'll be a blur on the battlefield, outmaneuvering and outgunning your adversaries at every turn.